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5 Tips For A Smooth Wedding Photography Experience

Okay guys.. here goes my first ever blog post since opening my business! What!? Why did it take me so long, right? Honestly, I was waiting until I had something to share that you could actually benefit from! Something with value.

As a wedding professional, I have been trying to compile a list that will help my brides prepare for a smooth day of wedding coverage! This is what I put together for you! You’re welcome! 🙂

1. Gather all of your “detail shot” items the night before the wedding! This includes your rings, dress, tux, shoes, bouquet, veil, jewelry, bridal party attire, and anything else that is important or meaningful! Seriously..Do it! The morning of your wedding is not the ideal time to be scrambling. You’d much rather be getting your makeup done and sipping mimosas with your bridesmaids!

2. Send or give your photographer an invite! We need one for photos anyways. They tie the day together and look great in both albums and highlight videos. This also gives us a feel for your wedding style before hand!

3. Get your pretty rings shined up! It will make a HUGE difference in photos. Just trust me on this!

4. Have a coordinator or printed list for group photos! It is easy to forget someone during the hustle and bustle, especially if there is a large number of guests! I promise this will help.

5. Make sure no guests are allowed into the reception area before it has been photographed! We want to capture all of the details and decor before they get touched or moved. You worked hard to make it perfect!

Well, there you have it! Five tips to help you prepare for smooth wedding day photography. I really hope these help! While I cannot say they apply directly to every wedding, they have helped me and my couples a ton!

Happy planning!




STELLAR MEDIA is an adventurous and intimate wedding photography company based out of Southern Indiana that travels worldwide. (Owned by Chelsea Casanova) She lives for dreamy outdoor weddings and intimate moments. Stellar Media believes in capturing timeless images that bring out raw emotion.

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