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Taylor + Chris | Save The Date

Taylor and Chris are high school sweet hearts. Their story began in 2005 at Highland Baseball Fields. Chris was playing in the championship game, Taylor was watching and trying to contain the butterflies in her stomach. After winning that game, they celebrated over dinner. They started talking on the phone at all hours of the night (or at least until someone needed to use the dial up) and began to date shortly after.

Six years later, at the same baseball field, Chris got down on one knee and asked Taylor to spend forever with him. I think her exact words to me were “It was the best feeling I have ever felt.”

Highland has become their “home plate” as it holds many of their special memories. When deciding where to photograph them, it was perfectly obvious to do it there!

This fall they are celebrating 5 years of marriage together, but if you couldn’t tell it’s because they are still stupid crazy in love!

I cannot wait to photograph your vow renewals!

Thank you for letting me in on your love story!

“Love is the most important thing in the world, but baseball is good, too”

Yogi Berra



STELLAR MEDIA is an adventurous and intimate wedding photography company based out of Southern Indiana that travels worldwide. (Owned by Chelsea Casanova) She lives for dreamy outdoor weddings and intimate moments. Stellar Media believes in capturing timeless images that bring out raw emotion.

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